Union Shimmer EF Brilliant Red

Union Shimmer EF Brilliant Red

Code: UPAGEM300


User's Guide

Product Description


Direct printing on light or dark garments. 

  • Stencils: Use any direct emulsion or capillary film. 
  • Additives: Shimmer Metallic inks are supplied readyto print Reducer/Detackifier (PLRE-9000) may be add-ed if a thinner consistency is required. 
  • Curing Instructions: These inks will cure at 300 F (149 C.). Because of the relfective nature of this ink, it requires a longer curing time under the heat to reach the required temperature than standard plastisols. 
    • Standard Colors 
      • PAGE-M128 Bright Silver 
      • PAGE-M210 Bright Gold PAGE-M300 Brilliant Red 
      • PAGE-M500 Metallic Blue PAGE-M600 Emerald Green 
      • PAGE-M800 Sparkling Black
  • Screen: Mesh: 60 to 86 
  • Substrate(s): Cotton