Screen Systems 2500 Screen Wash

Screen Systems 2500 Screen Wash

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Product Description

Screen Systems 2500 is a safe, biodegradable solvent for the cleaning of almost all inks from screens and tools. This is an improved version of our earlier product that completely dissolves inks, even if they have thoroughly dried in the screen. Removes solvent - based, UV, Plastisol inks, and uncured solder masks. In its original form, Series 2500 Screen Cleaner is biodegradable, though users should be cautious when using inks containing hazardous pigments or plasticisers. Completely water soluble, 2500 is easily removed with a water rinse. It also contains a detergent to degrease during the rinse

  • Non-chlorinated.
  • Very low flammability.
  • Low toxicity
  • Pleasant citrus odor
  • Water Soluble