POLI-TAPE 160 Series Application Transfer Tape [SIZE OPTIONS]

POLI-TAPE 160 Series Application Transfer Tape [SIZE OPTIONS]

Code: TACP


Length: 100 Yards


Product Description

Product Information

Transparent Application Tape based on a single sided embossed Polypropylene film, with excellent flatness. It is dimensionally stable, easy to unroll, position and will not stretch or curl.

Suitable for transferring self adhesive signs, logos and lettering produced from cast or calendered CAD/CAM plotter films with matt or brilliant surface.

Especially to be emphasised are the following properties:

• As the tape does not curl, wrinkling is avoided during lamination of large lettering. The film adjusts perfectly to the surface.

• The plasticiser resistant adhesive guarantees a strong initial tack to all types of vinyl films. The Application Tape is easily removed without leaving any residue, even after being left for a period of time.

• Suitable for wet application.

• The film can be torn transversally, which facilitates handling.

• The embossed surface allows the film to be easily unrolled without any accumulation of electrostatic charging.