Hotronix® Air Fusion IQ Heat Transfer Press with Stand

Hotronix® Air Fusion IQ Heat Transfer Press with Stand

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Product Description

The Air Fusion IQ Heat Transfer Press is the standard of engineered presses to meet the requirements of today's modern shops production and the ergonomics of it's operators. With the optional heavy duty adjustable stand the press is always at the right height. Automated “Swing Away” heat platen so no more burned knuckles or heat platen in the face of the operator. Programmable settings allow the control of precise digital temperature settings, as-well-as repeatable digital heat platen pressure (20psi 1.4bar to 120psi 8.3bar) settings and any where in between.

Digital closure timer and closure counter keeping track of the number of items transferred. Many of today's modern heat applied transfer media and substrate require more exacting control of heat, time and pressure. The touch screen also allows for memory retention so variations of all three are quickly recalled at the tap or swipe of the color display screen. Foot touch activation of the swing arm, with separate push buttons (2) operating the closure and one centrally located emergency quick release, make the press very safe to operate.

*Requires 220v Outlet Installed by a Qualified Electrician