Union Aerotex Water-Based Series (Chose Color / Size)

Union Aerotex Water-Based Series (Chose Color / Size)

Code: UATEX000



Product Description

Light and medium-colored garments. Stencils: Use any water-resistant direct emulsion. Additives: Aerotex is supplied ready-for-use. If necessary, up to 10% SOLV-1679 or 2-5% Stay Open (ATEX-9600) can be added to control screen clogging. Additives will reduce opacity Curing Direct Prints: Catalyzed prints will set enough for stacking within minutes after printing and continue to cure at room temperature. Wash tests should not be done for 24 hours after printing. To speed up production, dry prints at approximately 250° F (121° C) for 2 minutes. Catalyst: Aerotex Catalyst (ATEX-9120) must be added in a ratio of °_ oz. Catalyst to 1 quart of ink (1 to 64 by volume) for washfastness. Inks are supplied with the correct amount of catalyst. The ink/catalyst mixture has an average pot life of approximately 8 hours. Do not use the mixture after that period. The mixture may show signs of deterioration sooner, in which case it should be discarded. Wash-up: Clean up with water immediately after printing. Detergent (ATEX-9400), or a commercial detergent containing at least fi ve percent ammonia is recommended where ink may have dried in the screen. Follow by rinsing with lukewarm water.