Rapidome Doming Kit


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UltraDome Doming Kit

UltraDome Doming Kit

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Doming resin transforms the look and feel of a two dimensional surface into an impressive three dimensional object that enhances the value of the final product.

Turn dull, boring two-dimensional surfaces into exciting high value three-dimensional objects. No measuring and mixing involved. The most cost effective and efficient way of doming! All you need is the handheld doming gun, a tube of Rapidome resin and a static mixer, and away you go!!! The end result is stunning. Detailed instructions are provided, including tips and tricks to ensure a stunning end result!! The most cost effective and efficient way of doming. Doming is the application of a clear polyurethane resin (RAPIDOME) layer on a two dimensional surface creating a three dimensional crystal clear lens of up to 5mm in height to enhance the look and feel of your products.