Anatol Formulator Ink Mixer QT-GL-5GL 115v

Anatol Formulator Ink Mixer QT-GL-5GL 115v

Code: XIMA002E



Product Description

An ink mixer is a vital piece of equipment in a professional screen printing shop. The Anatol Formulator is ideal for mixing plastisol or waterbased inks, for adding pigments such as glitters and fluorescents to bases, and for ensuring thorough blending of reducers and other modifiers. The self-centering feature automatically adjusts the Formulator to hold a wide variety of ink manufacturer’s containers, from 1 quart up to 5 gallons. The mixer’s special blade configuration with "lift and roll" movement provides gentle, thorough mixing without splash-up or air bubbles, and prevents ink from settling in the sides or bottom of the container. The Formulator offers fixed and variable speed options, and can rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise.