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Tape Technologies Styletech Intermediate vinyl is available in the widest color range to meet any customer requirement. Their films are softer than other calandered products and provide you with the highest gloss available in the industry today.

  • 3 MIL Intermediate Vinyl - up to 6 Year (.08 MM)
  • Calendered intermediate film with permanent acrylic adhesive.
  • Lower shrinkage and better color stability than other intermediate films resulting in up to 6 year durability on some colors.
  • Excellent weedability is due to the balance of a specially formulated high performance acrylic adhesive and tighter formulated release liner.
  • Small letters cut better and you never lose registration due to letters moving on the release paper.
  • Faster more reliable cutting in a wide variety of colors to meet your needs.
  • Using the highest tack application tape is necessary for fast easier applications.
  • Another trick for easy transfer of letters off the release paper is to squeegee both the back of the release paper as well as the application side before removing letters from the release paper.

Physical Properties:

PVC Film Thickness (mils) 3.0
PSA Thickness (mils) 1.0
Liner (weight) 78 lbs.
Tensil strength (lbs/in. break load) 8-12
Elongation Metallics 80% - 130%
Elongation Non-Metallics 50% - 100%

Adhesion Properties:

PSTC-1 (Instant R.T.) 40
PSTC (1 hr. R.T.) Stainless Steel 50
PSTC (24 hr. R.T.) Stainless Steel 55
PSTC (72 hr. R.T.) Stainless Steel 60

Other Properties

Resistance Resistance to mild alkalies and acids, most petroleum-based greases and oils, and salt spary.
Service Temperature: 60°F - 200°F
Heat Shrinkage (24 hr. at 150°F): 0.0085
Shelf Life (stored under 73°F and 50% relative humidity): 1 Year
Outdoor Durability (when properly converted and applied, vertical exposure, non-printed): 5 years